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Community Development Council

Our vision is to maintain and continuously enhance the status of Estero and surrounding communities as an exceptional community in which to live, work and play through advocating for controlled, realistic growth.

Our Values

To maintain a High Quality of Life for residents of Estero and surrounding communities by actively monitoring and attending monthly Village, County, and surrounding areas meetings for Planning, Zoning, Design, and Development. Conduct timely reviews of Village of Estero developer requests to verify they follow Estero’s Land Development Code. To engage the citizenry – at least 100 citizens – to speak out when development is not in the interest of our residents. Publish information at monthly meetings and through web articles and email blasts.




Our Goals…

To keep Estero informed of pending and proposed development activities through an on-line database of development activities recreated and updated by June 2020.

To advocate for infrastructure before increased development.

To work with developers and the Village to construct workforce housing

To enhance resources for positive individual, family, and community growth

To develop recreation opportunities.


Community Planning Campaigns…


Design Standards
Community Cohesiveness


Temporary Signage
Code Enforcement


Pedestrian Access


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Are you prepared for hurricane season?

Are you prepared for hurricane season?

Precautionary measures can temper the ravages of these destructive storms Disasters + Preparedness IN THIS ARTICLE Hurricanes can shatter lives as well as damage property. Being prepared can help you, your family, or your business minimize the impact of the storm. The...


What to do when a hurricane threatens

What to do when a hurricane threatens

Hurricanes are violent and dangerous to your family and your home. When a hurricane threatens to bear down, make sure that you know how to batten down your hatches and protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. When it's hurricane season Hurricane season...

Signs in Estero

Signs in Estero

Basic Guidance for the Legal Use of Signs in Estero from the Estero Council of Community Leaders (ECCL) August 2014 This document is designed to provide citizen education and awareness.  It summarizes often-complex provisions and thus is not intended as, and cannot be...

Census 2020

Census 2020

We all know how important funding is to support our state and local programs, so we are supporting the Census Bureau 2020 informational initiative to explain the importance of every head in SWFL being counted. Federal support is crucial to assist our population and...

Does the Hertz Arena revised paint scheme meet code?

Does the Hertz Arena revised paint scheme meet code?

On Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 5:30 the Design Review Board (DRB) will conduct a Public Information Meeting about the revised painting proposal for the “Germain Arena” in response to a naming agreement between the Hertz Corporation and KTB Florida Sports Arena LLC, the...

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