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Environment Council

The ECCL is a network of communities working together to serve as the “Voice of the People” to advocate for positive change.

Our Values


Protecting our future by preserving our
wetlands, wildlife, and wilderness.

What we’re doing…

The ECCL Environment Council monitors threats to Southwest Florida habitats, wetlands, water quality, wildlife and any issue that affects the quality of the environment affecting Estero. We work with agencies including The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, and others to inform residents of actions they can take to preserve and protect our paradise.

Environment Campaigns…

Water Quality

Lake Okeechobee Releases
Algae Blooms
Red Tide
Flood Prevention

Wildlife Protection

Florida Panther
Sea Turtle Nesting
Manatee Protection

Limerock Mining

Protection of DR/GR
Traffic Impact
Blast Damage

Parks & Public Lands


Take Action


Wetlands at Risk: Contact the BOCC

Wetlands at Risk: Contact the BOCC

The Lee County Board of Commissioners will be voting on Wednesday to advance a comprehensive plan amendment that will incentivize and encourage the loss of wetlands and wetland functions in Lee County. We are asking that you attend the meeting and speak before the...

Damage to the Big Cypress Preserve

Damage to the Big Cypress Preserve

ECCL is supporting the efforts of four environmental organizations in their effort to reduce damage being done to the Big Cypress Preserve just a few miles from Estero by the Burnett Oil, Inc in its activities exploring there for oil.  You can, too. We ask that you...

Old Corkscrew Mine Application Being Reviewed by County

Old Corkscrew Mine Application Being Reviewed by County

The rezoning application for this proposed limerock mine is currently before the Lee County Zoning Examiner and has again been extended to April 24 at 9 AM. The Examiner is hearing testimony as to whether zoning for this 4,205 acre parcel should be changed from...

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