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The ECCL serves as to inform, educate, and act on issues threatening the quality of life in Estero and surrounding communities.

“The future of Estero depends upon its residents being aware of planned changes, making their voice heard, and ensuring the Village continues in the direction desired.”

Our Impact – Healthcare

The ECCL spent years supporting and assisting the opening of a 24/7 emergency department in Estero, which debuted in December 2018. We continue to support the establishment of a hospital within the Village, and mobilized over 400 letters of support to that end in 2018.

Our Work

The availability of quality healthcare, particularly emergency care, has been a core value of the Estero Council of Community Leaders for the last decades. The ECCL proactively lent support at the right moments; foresaw and addressed potential hurdles; and continues to work closely with others with the same goal.

Our Impact – Environment

The ECCL mobilized around 300 residents to attend a County Commission hearing regarding limerock mining approvals in 2019. We helped pass “Yes on 20/20” with an 84% approval rate, and encouraged and publicly supported the purchase of Estero on the River by the Village.

Our Work

Water quality, wildlife habitat, and the preservation of open space in Estero has been top priority since the early days of the ECCL. We monitor and alert residents of proposed new mines, developments in the DR/GR, and public space planning, so residents’ input can be heard before a decision is made.

 Our Impact – Education

ECCL recruited over 80 volunteers who educated over 1,100 Estero students on business-forward topics through the Junior Achievement 2-5-8 Graduate program on economic literacy.

Our Work

The ECCL Education Council works with local schools to develop and  retain economically literate students.

Our Impact – Development

Because ECCL volunteers monitor development requests at the earliest stages, the ECCL was able to mobilize over 400 objections to a proposed bright yellow Hertz Arena, with the result that a much milder paint scheme was implemented. The design standards established by the ECCL before Coconut Point Mall was built set the stage for a cohesive and beautiful community.

Our Work

The ECCL’s established contact list of thousands of residents can quickly mobilize the public when time is of the essence. Our publications, including the Estero Development Report and regular growth statistics provide residents with high quality research on the direction of growth in Estero.

Our Impact – Governance

The ECCL was directly responsible for the development and institution of the Estero Village government. The Boards run by the ECCL prior to Village formation led to a smooth transition to municipal government, and the ECCL provided initial services to the Village while it concluded formation.

Our Work

Proactively preventing the City of Bonita Springs from annexing crucial Estero property provided for a cohesive community and kept tax dollars in our own community.

Our Impact – Transportation

Transportation planning involvement resulting in more than doubling north-south arterial lanes in Estero. Support for enhanced bicycle and pedestrian access resulted in the Village Bike-Ped Plan.

Our Work

The ECCL’s Transportation Committee participates in and monitors the planning that often takes place a decade ahead of time to ensure funding is provided when infrastructure improvements are needed. We notify the public of important input opportunities, and represent our communities at important planning events.

Our Impact – Parks & Public Spaces

The ECCL supported the expansion of Koreshan State Historic Park, the purchase of the Estero River property, and the establishment of the Estero Community Park.

Our Work

The ECCL informs residents of opportunities and threats to public spaces in the Village and mobilizes residents when important decisions are made.

Koreshan State Park

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