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The ECCL is a network of communities and organizations working together to serve as the “Voice of the People” to advocate for positive change. Because there is strength in numbers and no Sunshine Law restrictions, the ECCL can openly address and affect the outcome of both challenges and opportunities facing our communities.

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FGCU Conference on Estero Bay Open to All

FGCU Conference on Estero Bay Open to All

Cela Tega 2020 "The Estero Bay is in trouble: What Citizens can do to help" Saturday, January 25th 2020 Cohen Center Ballroom 8AM to 8PM (map) Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, FL 33965 There is no cost to attend the conference sessions scheduled throughout...

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Important Voting Deadlines

Important Voting Deadlines

The ECCL reminds all qualified residents in Estero and surrounding communities that calendar year 2020 presents opportunities to exercise the power of your vote in three major elections, with local, state and federal implications. To prepare for these important voting...

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Support Education

Volunteer or donate supplies to the Junior Achievement 2-5-8 Graduate program which teaches economic literacy at all stages of education.

Protect the DR/GR from new mines

Tell legislators to oppose unnecessary mining and to protect water quality for Lee County.

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Attend a meeting. Subscribe to our emails. Read our reports and publications for the latest research on the direction Estero is heading.

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Here you can find your representatives, and how to contact them.


The ECCL is manned entirely by volunteers who donate time, skills, and energy to protect Estero. Join us.


Your support is critical to the continued efforts in protecting your voice and quality of life in Estero.


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The latest research on important influences on Estero.

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