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An Important Announcement for  Boaters In Estero and Bonita Springs

An Important Announcement for Boaters In Estero and Bonita Springs

There is a Public Hearing scheduled for the London Bay Homes “Bayview” Plan and Rezoning Petitions To be heard by Bonita Springs City Council at 9 am on Wednesday, October 21st at The Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District 227701 Bonita Grande Dr, Bonita Springs FL34135. Boaters, if you are concerned about convenient access to Estero Bay, you can attend the upcoming public meeting (masks and social distancing are required). In their plans, London Bay Homes has made provisions for one 18ft boat ramp. As many boaters have explained, having only one boat ramp presents many practical difficulties: It will lead to significant delays It will result in increased noise and pollution Increased frustration will result because of limited access A wider ramp of 30 ft (an increase of 12ft) would overcome these issues without resulting in any significant increase in traffic given the limited spaces on site (15 parking spaces for trailers). The need to leave boats unattended for around 20 minutes or more may likely result in off-site parking not used. If you have concerns about the limited access that one boat ramp will provide, make your views known to the Bonita Springs Council...

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Summary of October 2020 Meeting

Summary of October 2020 Meeting

Key Points from the ECCL's Monthly Meeting Report  October 9th (Reporter Karen Katz) President Jim Gilmartin called the meeting to order and there followed a moment of silence for COVID-19 victims. Kyle Coleman, Estero Deputy Village Manager, spoke about the Estero...

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Summary of September 2020 Meeting

Summary of September 2020 Meeting The monthly Membership Meeting of the ECCL was held virtually on Friday, 9/11 at 10 am. Pres. Jim Gilmartin welcomed the participants and Mark Novitski led a moment of silence in memory of 9/11. Speakers Chief Scott Vanderbrook of Estero...

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