Bob King, Transportation

Bob King retired to Florida in 2008. A mechanical engineer, he worked for Boeing for 21 years and then in senior management with several start-up companies in the robotics and artificial intelligence fields before becoming a small business owner and operator. Since moving to Estero he has been active as chairman of Bella Terra Neighborhood Watch, chairman of the neighborhood compliance committee and served three terms as president of the master homeowners association. He is a member of the East Corkscrew Road Alliance and was appointed by the village of Estero to serve on the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Citizen Advisory Committee.

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  • Posted July 6, 2015 John Piccolo 8:11 pm

    Good choice. However,when Estero shops for a permanent City Manager will you please have the good sense to Google the applicant’s name for his or her City Manager experience? You may get a surprise. I will keep a copy of this post for you to reference in the future.

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