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The ECCL builds community by giving residents a way to speak with one voice, air concerns, learn from each other and improve Estero and surrounding communities.

Our Mission

To develop and manage an information-sharing process, including comprehensive and consistent communications and market research initiatives, to heighten awareness of the ECCL and its programs, by government officials, Members and other residents of Estero and surrounding communities.

What we’re doing…

The ECCL builds community through monthly member meetings, unique research and reporting, utilizing a robust mailing list and social media, and by participating in community events and meetings.

Community Campaigns…

Email and social Media

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Meeting Summaries
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Calls to Action

Member Meetings

Community Reports
Representatives from local government
Committee Reports

Calendar and Events

Events Sponsorship
Event Participation
Community Event Promotion

Research and Reports

Exclusive Research
Growth Statistics
Estero Development Report
Studies to support positions


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Breaking Par at Grandezza

Breaking Par at Grandezza

[trx_button type="square" style="default" style_color="original" size="medium" align="center" link="https://e.givesmart.com/events/c55/" popup="no" top="inherit" bottom="inherit" left="inherit" right="inherit"]Register Now[/trx_button] Breaking Par serves as the...

Junior Achievement Program Featured on ABC-7 News

Junior Achievement Program Featured on ABC-7 News

The Estero Education Initiative, supported by the ECCL, The Village of Estero and other local agencies, has been a driving force behind Junior Achievement's 2-5-8 Graduate program, which places local volunteers in Estero schools with the goal of improving student...

Feature: Excellence in Education

Feature: Excellence in Education

The Village of Estero and Lee County Schools create gold star collaboration Embracing the philosophy that education is the passport to the future, the Village of Estero, the ECCL Education Outreach Council, and the Lee County School District have joined together to...

“2 – 5 – 8 – Graduate” Inside the Classroom

“2 – 5 – 8 – Graduate” Inside the Classroom

Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida, Inc. ECCL Education Outreach Council presents Estero-area Program “2 – 5 – 8 – Graduate” Welcome Invitation - Please Attend Inside the Classroom 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Thursday, November 15 Chamber Room (1st Floor) Village of Estero...

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