2022 Estero Essay Contest

Three $1,000 Scholarships for Estero High School Seniors.
Cash prizes for 4th grade students.

Sponsored by:


Estero Historical Society

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Greater Estero Chamber of Commerce


How to Participate


Essays not to exceed 500 Words, not including references or appendices such as drawings, maps, etc.

Essays should address one of the following:

HISTORY OF THE VILLAGE OF ESTERO – ITS DEVELOPMENT AND EARLY SETTLERS (Focusing on early periods of Estero – between 500BC and 1955).

HISTORY OF GOVERNANCE OF THE VILLAGE OF ESTERO (Focusing on early periods of Estero – between 500BC and 1955).

HISTORY OF BUSINESS IN THE ESTERO AREA (Focusing on early periods of Estero – between 500BC and 1955).


Submissions are Due March 18, 2022.  Students may submit a separate essay for each of the above areas and thus be eligible for 3 awards.

Submission process on the printable flyers at the bottom of the page.


Essays will be judged based on: Historical accuracy, organization, logical thesis development, English conventions, and inclusion of references.

Examples of topics to guide essay development:

  1. Choose a notable figure from Estero’s history. Write a short biography of that person. Tell WHY you chose that character, WHAT made that person notable, and EXPLAIN the contributions that person made to current-day society.
  2. Explain why the Estero River was important to the early settlers and the development of Estero.
  3. Search for historical documents, letters, and diaries kept from the early history of Estero. What can we learn about historical events or how people lived during the early periods of Estero, starting 500BC through 1955?

Historical information can be obtained from these sites: