MPO Director’s Presentation at June ECCL Meeting

Don Scott, Executive Director of Lee County’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), was the guest speaker at the ECCL meeting on June 13.

Don Scott addresses transportation issues at June meeting 6/14.

The Lee County MPO is a transportation policy-making board made up of 16 representatives of local cities, as well as all five Lee County Commissioners. MPO’s were formed back in 1962. Prior to that time, local communities didn’t have a “say” in state and federal transportation projects, resulting in the interstate system that was built through the center of town. MPOs now allow for input regarding the environment and socio-economic impacts of projects before projects move forward. The Lee MPO was formed in 1977. There is a Citizen’s Advisory Committee, a Technical Advisory Committee, bicycle pedestrian coordinating committee, traffic management and operations committee, and transportation disadvantaged coordination committee.

To learn more, read Don’s presentation or go to


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    Any news on when Walmart will be breaking ground and when they will open for business?

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