Village Visionary 2008

A surprised Neal Noethlich accepted the Village Visionary Award for 2008 for his contributions to Estero’s quality of life on Monday, March 31, 2008 at the third annual “All Play and No Work” event for members of Estero’s community organizations.

Neal Noethlich has worked hard for years to benefit Estero’s Quality of Life. His efforts include:

  • Was a founding member of ECCO
  • Worked with the County to initiate the Community Plan
  • Negotiated the makeup of the ECPP
  • Led the effort to develop with a great amount of community input and gain BOCC approval for the Community Plan
  • Became the first and only Chair of the ECPP
  • Led the effort to gain County approval of three Land Development Code revisions that:
    • provide appearance overlays along Corkscrew and US 41
    • developed our big box standards
    • negotiated our signage standards
  • Organized and recruited the members of the EDRC
  • Led the review of hundreds of zoning applications at local hearings that would not have taken place but for the earlier accomplishments
  • Negotiated with dozens of developer regarding the zoning provisions of their developments
  • Testified before the Hearing Examiner and BOCC in support of or seeking amendments to major commercial Zoning developments





Barbara Akins, Neal Noethlich, and Arnie Rosenthal; all winners of Estero Visionary Awards.

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