Support the acquisition of Estero Riverfront property by the Village

What:  Council Workshops re Acquisition of property along the Estero River
When: Thursday, Sept. 20, 5:30 pm
Where: Village of Estero Council Chambers
Wear: A green shirt to show your support

The Village has an opportunity to purchase 62 acres of vacant land on the northeast corner of US 41 and Corkscrew Road commonly known as Estero on the River before it is developed.

This purchase would permit the Village:

  • To increase the pedestrian friendly open space with expansive pathways along the banks of the Estero River,
  • To guarantee Estero residents and visitors easy access to the Estero River,
  • To preserve some or all of the many heritage trees on the property,
  • To integrate this property with the Koreshan State Park and the 100 acre Boomer property just north of the Park on the other side of the Estero River,
  • To expand and preserve the long historical heritage of this area and the  community,
  • To link this land with the prospective civic, cultural, entertainment town center building upon the Estero Community Park and likely Estero Bonita bike/pedestrian trail in the wide CSX right of way,

The Village has negotiated the purchase price after obtaining several appraisals and verifying the availability of the necessary funding. They have budgeted $26 million for the purchase and all transaction costs.