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The DR/GR – What is it and why you should care about it

The DR/GR – What is it and why you should care about it

DR/GR stands for density reduction – groundwater resource. It is a large area of land (over 80,000 acres) just east of Estero that was established jointly in 1990 by the State of Florida and Lee County with the specific purpose of protecting the principal water supply for most of Southwest Florida including both Estero and Bonita Springs as well as Fort Myers, Cape Coral and even areas of Naples. The density reduction name refers to how land was to be developed in this precious natural area- only one home per 20 acres of land. What is happening? For several years, the 5 person Lee County Board of County Commissioners has encouraged development of the DR/GR alleging that development will not harm the groundwater resource property. Developers have successfully lobbied the Board and produced so called scientific studies that support a pro development position. Studies done by several independent agencies including FGCU show just the opposite effect predicting that development in the DR/GR could cause it to lose its ability to safely collect rainwater, leach it down to the main aquifers that store our water and thereby permanently harm our water supply, not to even mention the...

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Summary of September 2020 Meeting

Summary of September 2020 Meeting The monthly Membership Meeting of the ECCL was held virtually on Friday, 9/11 at 10 am. Pres. Jim Gilmartin welcomed the participants and Mark Novitski led a moment of silence in memory of 9/11. Speakers Chief Scott Vanderbrook of Estero...

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