March Residential Building Permits Include the Courtyards at Estero

In March, 2015, permits for one hundred eighty-six (186) units in multi-unit buildings and sixteen (16) permits for single family homes were issued in the new Village of Estero.  The dollar value of the permits was $24,032,233. This represents the largest monthly dollar value since 2007.

Included in this month’s multi-unit permits were one hundred thirty-six (136) rental units in seventeen buildings at the Courtyards at Estero on Corkscrew near I-75.   Also included were fifty (50) single family units in Copper Oaks on Three Oaks opposite the Villages of Country Creek.

Of March’s sixteen (16) single family home permits, twelve (12) were issued for Pebble Pointe on the east end of Coconut Rd.  Ultimately, ninety single family homes are expected at Pebble Pointe.  Also in March, five (5) permits were issued for a new single family community in the Colony.

The table below compares 2015 year-to-date figures with those of the previous 15 years.

Source:  Lee County Permit Reports for the “Village of Estero”; See

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  • Posted July 22, 2015 Diane Sracic 5:32 pm

    As a concerned Estero resident, I would like to ask why so very many multi-unit rental facilities are being built in Estero?? I understand that the Springs (next to Miramar Outlets) are going to be very short term lease rentals….This will bring very transient traffic to our area and I don’t believe that is a good thing to encourage. I think Estero needs a little more culture and a wonderful addition would be a Playhouse. The closest are the Barbara B. Mann (ancient and in need of upgrading) and Artis Naples. The people living in Estero have to travel north or south to attend any function. Thank you.

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