Hire Expert Geologist to testify In Massive Limerock Mine Zoning Hearing

Proposed Old Corkscrew Plantation Mine near Corkscrew Road

What’s at Stake:The addition of hundreds of sand trucks using Corkscrew Road, as well as environmental and hydrological concerns to Estero.

What You Can Do:

1) Donate toward hiring an expert geologist to testify at the examining hearing
2) Attend the Examing Hearing to voice your concerns


Donate Now.
Attend the Hearing at January 31, 2018, 9:30 AM.


Lee County Hearing Examiner’s office, 1500 Monroe Street, Ft Myers. (map)


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An application for the proposed Old Corkscrew Plantation limerock mine goes before the Lee County Zoning Examiner on January 31, 2018.  The Examiner will hear testimony as to whether zoning for this 4,205 acre parcel should be changed from agriculture to industrial. This proposed project presents significant environmental, hydrological, and traffic concerns to residents in the Corkscrew Road corridor.   There is a strong possibility that hundreds of additional sand trucks will use Corkscrew Road to access Interstate 75 exacerbating traffic problems and safety concerns in this already congested corridor.  

Rezoning Process

The Zoning Examiner’s process requires that competent and substantial evidence be presented to assist the Examiner make a decision.  The applicant group proposing the mining will provide ample testimony for a zoning change presented by the group’s attorneys and professional consultants.  Others wishing to testify with counter technical information in opposition can do so at the same hearing.  After reviewing all the testimony, the Zoning Examiner will issue a comprehensive recommendation to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners to either approve or disapprove rezoning.

Counter Testimony

Those wishing to present counter testimony have a chance at success by hiring an expert geologist.  The Responsible Growth Management Coalition, a registered Lee County-based community organization and nonprofit, is appealing for donations to retain Mr. Gary Dannemiller, Certified Professional Geologist.

Mr. Dannemiller has provided expert witness services in a variety of hydrologic and geologic areas such as surface and groundwater flow and contamination, groundwater supplies, water discharge permits, sand & gravel permit applications and landfills over the past 40 years.  Mr. Dannemiller previously testified in 2011 in the Troyer Brothers mining case located in the same area of Lee County, which had a successful outcome for those concerned about these same issues in Lee County.  Mr. Dannemiller’s technical services are estimated at $15,000.


You are asked to consider making Mr. Dannemiller’s research and testimony possible for the Zoning Examiner to evaluate.  Funding this important cause can:

  1. Prevent Corkscrew Road from becoming even more congested and unsafe;
  2. Protect this area’s hydrology and ecology; and
  3. Save our vital drinking water resources located in this area for the future.

Donations may be made online via the Crowdrise web site (see below).  In addition, checks may be mailed (and made payable) to:  RGMC,  P.O. Box 1826,  Ft. Myers FL, 33902.

To make an on-line donation to this important cause, click on the link below and then on “Donate Now”.


Testify in Person

If you can, please come to the Zoning Hearing to voice your own concern.  The Hearing is scheduled for January 31, 2018, 9:30 AM at 1500 Monroe Street, Ft Myers. (map)

Thank you.

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