Volunteer Positions

Sports Committee Chairperson

Council: ECCL Culture & Recreation Council

Reports To: Culture and Recreation Council Chairperson

The Sports Committee is tasked with supporting the expansion of sports fields and venues in the Estero area to enable youth to engage in sports locally.  A secondary function is to support the hosting of sports tournaments in the greater Estero area.

To develop relationships with and interact with individuals/organizations currently involved and interested in supporting such efforts. The committee will need to request and receive input from Estero area local and county governmental groups, schools, business, and civic organizations to help determine priorities.

Sports and Fields Committee

  • Identify short-term and long-term goals
    • Report quarterly on the progress against those goals
    • Update goals when events and environmental issues change
  • Work and interact with Individuals/groups already involved in Estero area Recreational activities
    • Hoffman owned (Germain) Arena
    • FGCU sports organizations
    • Lee County Schools
    • Lee County Parks
    • Village of Estero
  • Communicate activities
    • Report out at Culture & Recreation meetings
    • Brief at monthly members meetings
    • Write articles for publishing in local and community newsletters
    • Write articles for posting on the ECCL website
    • Maintain an ECCL web presence
  • Understand and advocate (provide input) to the
    • Village of Estero
      • Recreation and green space plans
      • Attend appropriate
        • Village Council meetings
        • Village Planning, Zoning, and Design review board meetings
        • Community meetings
      • Lee County Parks and Recreation activities
      • Lee District Schools
        • Sports fields needs
        • Agreements – shared expenses and revenues
      • Create detailed plans to host eight field tournaments
        • Locations
        • Costs
        • Funding
        • Agreements
        • Storage of equipment
      • Create marketing plans to bring tournaments to the Estero Area
        • Work with the communications committee
        • Estero Chamber
        • Village of Estero