Volunteer Positions

Linkage (Connectivity) Committee Members

Council: ECCL Safety Council

Reports To: Linkage Committee Chair

The Safety Council Linkage (Connectivity) Committee is responsible for monitoring the connectivity between various venues throughout the Estero Area.  Primary responsibilities are ensuring the ability to move safely both within and between community neighborhoods and public spaces.

The committee works to enhances public safety by identifying existing and possible future dangers to residents and visitors when transiting between community neighborhoods and public spaces. They will work with established groups interested in public safety and connectivity within the community.  Work to develop approaches to solicit support from Village, County, and State organizations to solve physical danger when driving, walking, biking, and strolling.

The Connectivity Committee advocates for the ability to network community neighborhoods and public spaces through design solutions by pin-pointing potential population growth-related dangers and traffic-related issues.


  • Collaborate with Estero Village officials, Lee County officials, local police, and fire service to support various safety and traffic-related initiatives to enhance the safety of residents
  • Review and provide input/updates to the Village of Estero Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Advocate for Village initiatives to enhance road safety:
    • Crosswalks for pedestrians
    • Separate multiuse paths
    • Rails to trails
    • Improved road layouts in locations with a high incidence of accidents
  • Advocate for improved walking, biking, strolling safety
    • Requiring adequate lighting
    • Street visibility
    • Marked bike paths
    • Multi-use paths
    • Pedestrian and bike underpasses/bridges
  • Encourage the Village to enhance the lighting in areas where there is high pedestrian traffic, especially at dusk and early morning
  • Attend appropriate
    • Village Council meetings
    • Village Planning, Zoning, and Design review board meetings
    • Community input meetings
  • Advocate and support expanding Community Partnership Programs to improve neighborhood safety
    • Bike Walk Lee
    • Lee County Conservation 2020
    • Lee County Parks & Rec
    • Florida State Parks
    • Lee County Library system
    • Lee District Schools
  • Advocate for and encourage private landowners to maintain and upgrade their property to improve walking, biking, and strolling safety in the Estero Area
  • Advocate for lower traffic speeds in the linkage areas
  • Works with the other committees and councils
    • Culture and Recreation Council
    • Community and Economic Development
    • Health
  • Communicate activities
    • Chair will Brief at Safety Council Meetings
    • Chair will Brief at monthly members meetings
    • Write articles for publishing in local and community newsletters and ECCL communications via Newsletters and/or email blasts.