Volunteer Positions

Sewer Conversion Committee

Council: ECCL Environmental Council

Reports To: Environmental Council Chairman

The Environmental Council Sewer Conversion Committee is tasked with monitoring, providing input, and publicizing the Village of Estero efforts in converting Estero’s (+/- 400 systems, some with multiple hookups РRV and Trailer parks) septic systems to Lee County sanitary sewer.  Collaborate with the Village of Estero, local, state, national, and other environmental organizations.

The Committee will be active in many issues that affect the greater Estero area’s environment. Other actions and involvement will include:

  • Form a committee
    • Recruit committee members
    • Hold meetings
    • Maintain an ECCL web presence
  • Review water quality reports throughout the conversion process
    • Community & volunteer organizations
      • Calusa Water Keepers
      • FGCU Water School
    • Civic and Governments
      • Village of Estero
      • Bonita Springs
      • Lee County
    • Identify areas where there are issues
      • Bay/river/stream/creek water
      • Pollution from septic systems
    • Advocate for testing of existing Septic tanks
      • Before conversion
      • Whenever applying for a building permit
    • Monitor current permits to ensure the requirement is there to convert to sewer when the sewer is available
    • Work with the Village of Estero
      • Understand the Village plan for conversion
        • Individual
        • Business
        • Community
  • Track the schedule and monitor/report on progress
  • Help identify grants and funding opportunities
  • Publicize an awareness campaign
  • Share road construction issues during conversion with
    • Safety Council
    • Communications committee
  • Speak (advocate/identify issues) at Village of Estero Meetings
    • Planning, Zoning, and Design Review Meetings
    • Council meetings
    • Community discussions
  • Identify organizations and entities to Collaborate with
    • Lee County Conservation 2020
    • Conservancy of SW Florida
    • Calusa Water Keepers
    • Captains for Clean Water
    • FGCU Water School
    • Conservancy of SW Florida
    • Southwest Florida Regional Resiliency Compact
  • Communicate activities
    • Report on Environmental Council meetings
    • Brief at monthly members meetings
    • Write articles for publishing in local and community newsletters
  • Coordinate on ECCL issues
    • Health Committee
    • Community Development
    • Transportation
  • Find/recruit guest speakers at members meeting for awareness
  • Measure results