Volunteer Positions

Service-Learning Focal Point

Council: ECCL Education 

Reports To: Education Council Chairperson

The Education Service-Learning Committee person is tasked with being the liaison between the ECCL and education institutions where students can earn community service hours for volunteering with the ECCL councils and committees

This focal point contributes to ensuring quality educational support and programs will contribute to a broader and enhanced learning experience for children being schooled in the greater Estero area. This will enhance the desirability of our location as a destination where people want to live, worship, conduct business and educate their children.

Responsibilities of the Education Service-Learning Committee Chairperson:

  • Focal point
    • Interact with representatives from:
      • FGCU
      • FSW
      • Lee School District High Schools
    • Attend Service-Learning fairs at Education Institutes
      • Share info on ECCL and Greater Estero area
      • Have list of activities students can volunteer for
    • Maintain an ECCL web presence
    • Report at Education Council meetings
    • Communicate activities
      • Brief at monthly members meetings
      • Compose articles for publishing in local and community newsletters and ECCL communications via Newsletters and/or email blasts.
      • Compose list of activities students can volunteer for
      • Submit to post on the ECCL website
      • Share success stories on the web
    • Recruit guest speakers for members meeting for awareness
    • Coordination work with other ECCL Councils and committees for volunteer opportunities
      • Environmental Committee
      • Health Committee
      • Safety
      • Community & Economic Development
      • Culture and Recreation
    • Collaborate with the Village of Estero, local, state, and national organizations, and other education organizations