Comprehensive Plan

Within the next several months, the Estero Community Planning Panel should complete its work with the Lee County Planning Staff on updating revisions to the Estero Plan portion of the County’s Comprehensive Plan.

A particular focus is on rejuvenating development of the community’s substantial undeveloped lands in the commercial corridor along portions of US41, Corkscrew, Via Coconut and Three Oaks Parkway.  Special emphasis is being given to the Town Center area north of the new Hertz location and the area southeast of the Coconut Road/US41 intersection where the proposed Lee Memorial Hospital would be located, if approved by the State in its pending proceeding.


  • Posted March 2, 2014 Ralph Abate 2:26 pm

    What are latest plans for Walmart to start and open at US41 and Estero Metro?

    • Posted March 4, 2014 EsToAdmin 4:19 pm

      Construction bid documents have not been released by Walmart, so there is no date set for a ground breaking on that site.

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