Volunteer Positions

Communications Committee Member

Reports To: Chief Communications Officer

The Communications Committee plays a significant role in achieving our vision by communicating facts and topics of interest and ensuring residents are aware of the issues that could negatively impact our aspirations.

Comprised of Allan Bowditch, CCO, Kim Dailey, Mike Wasson, and Karen Katz, our talented team contributes to assuring the quality of our communications on a range of issues. Still, we need to do more, and we need your time and talent.

Being A Member Of The ECCL’s Communications Team Offers the Opportunity To:

  • Contribute to informing residents on topics of interest
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of giving back to your community
  • Keep productive using your work-related skills to have influence and make an impact
  • Collaborate with other professionals working within the ECCL

Join us to communicate to thousands of greater Estero residents and businesses actively. Activity includes but is not limited to:

  • Designing promotional materials to encourage financial support for the ECCL’s 501c3 designation
  • Encouraging residents to “voice” their opinions and become engaged by increasing the ECCL’s “Call to Action” communications
  • To encourage more support for our articles from local media (The Press, Local TV, and Radio)
  • To formulate ideas for Social Media expansion
  • Authoring articles
  • To consider how we might use video clips to draw attention to the ECCL’s various Councils (Environment; Culture & Recreation; Healthcare; Education; Safety and Transportation)
  • Reporting on the ECCL’s Monthly Meetings
  • Acting on the strategic plans of the communications team:
    • Enhancing our reach to the growing younger demographic
    • Improving the quality of our communications
    • Ensuring the ECCL’s Members appreciate the achievements and purpose of the ECCL

Please join our team if you enjoy collaborating with others and have:

  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Experience in using Social Media or other forms of media to extend our communications reach
  • Experience in Advertising/Media, Journalism, Marketing
  • A desire to get involved in communications activities

To learn more about our communications opportunities, please contact – Allan Bowditch, ECCL’s Chief Communications Officer, ecclcco@gmail.com