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Volunteer for Junior Achievement

Volunteer for Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JA) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to giving young school students the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, help plan their future, and make smart academic and economic choices. JA seeks volunteers to provide...

Is Rock Mine Blasting Damaging Your Home?

Is Rock Mine Blasting Damaging Your Home?

That is the concern of many residents along Corkscrew Road close to the Youngquist Brothers Rock Inc. mine. A Bella Terra resident, Don Corbett, took the time to compile considerable data about rock mining in Florida, including the control of blasting and what can I...

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Create an email to the Village Council Members, whose email addresses are: ribble@estero-fl.gov,levitan@estero-fl.gov,errington@estero-fl.gov,mclain@estero-fl.gov,boesch@estero-fl.gov,batos@estero-fl.gov,wilson@estero-fl.gov,webmaster@esterofl.org Copy and paste the...

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