A Survey on London Bay’s Proposed Plans for the former Weeks Fish Camp

Thank You to the London Bay/Weeks Fish Camp Survey Respondents

weeksThe Survey you recently completed for us was completed on January 14th. The ECCL team would like to thank you and the other 1,965 people who responded to the survey and shared with us their opinions.

The response rate of 51% was amazing and clearly demonstrates both the high level of interest in the Estero community and your concerns that you and others have about the proposed development on the site of the Weeks Fish Camp.

In addition, 907 of you took the time to volunteer additional comments about the development when given that opportunity: This too sends a clear message to the public decision-makers about your commitment towards our community here in Estero.

Survey Results Summary

Given the level of interest we would like to share with you some of the key points to emerge.

  • 73% consider it at least “very important” that the public should have access to Estero Bay.
  • Only 25% said they would be “unlikely” to use the amenities available at the location of the boat access ramp and the small park such as fishing, kayaking, boating, picnicking, watching the sunset etc..
  • Access to Estero Bay is considered an essential amenity and there is considerable concern about the perceived restrictions based on the proposed plans put forward by London Bay Homes.
  • A key concern that was expressed (without prompting) was the fact that boaters would be severely impacted by the restricted boat ramp access.
  • A significant majority (circa 65%) would be likely to use many of the specified amenities on offer: (79% wanting a ferry to Lovers Key, 85% would view the sunset, 65% launch a boat, 68% picnic, and 60% kayak)
  • Only 39% of boat owners considered the availability of one boat ramp and the availability of 10 trailer parking spaces and 15 car parking spaces acceptable.
  • Many expressed concerns about the impact of continued development on the environment and specifically on Estero Bay
  • One in five were concerned about the increased traffic density.
  • Many (186) were upset that the availability provided to boaters would be severely impacted by the restricted boat ramp access.

Future Participation

The approval process for this development is just beginning. There will be many opportunities for public input before it is approved, denied or approved with changes. Your continuing input will have a significant impact on the outcome.

If you would like to continue to work with us on this important project, we will advise you about each hearing or decision point and provide you with an opportunity to participate in person or by email. Please complete the following form.

Thanks Again

The ECCL team again wishes to thank you for your time and interest.

While our survey results are clearly important, there is no substitute from people who make their physical presence known and point out their concerns “live” at the time the decision makers are considering their options.