“2-5-8-Graduate” Initiative Update

ECCL Education Outreach Council “2-5-8-Graduate” Initiative Update

The “2 – 5 – 8 – Graduate” will be starting up this coming school year. We are making good progress in engaging and securing Junior Achievement (JA) Ambassadors, conducting orientation programs, and meeting with school leadership including:

1.    We have recruited more than sixty “Educational Ambassador” volunteers from Estero-area communities, financial institutions, and businesses; including Lee Health and Hertz. We are pleased with the level of commitment and the credentials of all volunteers. Recruitment is a continuing process. Please help us by sharing JA information with friends, family, and co-workers.

2.    We have conducted seven Orientation sessions. All sessions were well attended.

3.    We will now schedule two engaging Lesson Plan Practice Sessions (Thursday, 26 July and Tuesday,14 Aug). We will very soon send you Session invitation. Please plan to attend.

4.    We have met each of the Principals at all four schools on two or three occasions. “All four Principals are fully supportive and looking forward to our engagement.”

a.    We will soon announce times for Class Sessions to occur.

b.   JA’s Vanessa Santiago will arrange days/times that fit your facilitation schedule, when possible.


Task Force Team Leaders for Grade levels are:

·     2nd Grade – Lisa Mason – Miromar Lakes; lisa.howieson@hotmail.com, (239) 410-3011

·     5th Grade – Lisa Mason; lisa.howieson@hotmail.com, (239) 410-3011

·     8th Grade – Amy Kuchenbecker – Grandezza; amykuchenbecker@yahoo.com, (440) 567-3448

·     11th Grade – Kenny James; kjames@jamesagroup.com, (239) 438-2415

Each Task Force Leader will have co-leaders who assist in forthcoming volunteer recruitment activities and conducting Lesson Plan Practice Sessions. Four weeks in advance of your first Lesson Plan engagement, Junior Achievement will provide you with the appropriate JA Lesson Plan Kit. JA also provides Lesson Plan training.

On behalf of the ECCL Education Outreach Council,

Jim Shields – Task Force Leader    Kenny James – Task Force Co-Leader

jimshields@fl-office.com                   kjames@jamesagroup.com


Steering Committee

Don Eslick, doneslick239@gmail.com

Jim Shields, jimshields@fl-office.com

Kenny James, kjames@jamesagroup.com

Kevin Tolliver, Kptolliver1@gmail.com

William Motzer, wmotzer@comcast.net

Stephanie English, sae1581@gmail.com

Jim Gilmartin, jimgilm@gmail.com

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