Voting in Estero

Upcoming election

2016 Primary Election
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Participation: Only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic Primary and only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican Primary.

In Florida, the voter registration books close 29-days before each election.

Deadlines: You can register to vote or change your registration to Democrat or Republican up til the deadlineIf you choose you can change your registration once again after the election using the same procedures.

Register to Vote

You can register to vote or change your party affiliation by following the directions on the Lee County Supervisor of Elections website.

How you can Vote

Florida law authorizes three methods of voting in each election:

  • Vote by Mail
  • Early Voting
  • Election Day

Vote by Mail: In the 2014 Primary Election seventy-one percent (71%) of Lee County votes were cast by mail…Estero was even higher.

It’s very easy to Vote by Mail in Florida, simply follow the Supervisor of Elections’ instructions here. This option is available to you anytime from now until about a week before election day.

Early Voting: The Supervisor of Elections must begin Early Voting 10 days prior to election day but can open the Early voting locations earlier. Early Voting locations are available on their website.

Election Day Voting: If you prefer to vote in person on Election Day, but don’t know the location of your Polling Place, you can look up the address here.