Troyer Brothers Mine – Another Mine!? Be Heard

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What’s at Stake: Yet another new mine in Eastern Lee County which would add more trucks to Corkscrew Road, as well as jeopardize water quality, flooding controls, wildlife habitat and other environmental damage.

Who Decides: The Lee County Zoning Examiner has reviewed the proposal and recommended it to the County Commissioners, who approve or disapprove the Examiner’s recommendation. The property is outside the Village of Estero, but it impacts Estero residents.

What Should I Do: Contact the Commissioners

When: (meeting date not yet determined)

Where: 1500 Monroe St, Fort Myers

I’ve never done this before: We can explain how the hearing works, how and when to make your opinion known, and provide background information on the project, should you need it.


This mine is proposed to be located just west of the proposed Old Corkscrew Plantation Mine and extend from Corkscrew Rd to S.R. 82 (see map).  This mine is located well OUTSIDE the limits already set up by Lee County for mining.

The Examiner heard testimony as to whether zoning for this 1,732.75 acre parcel should be changed from agricultural, which the land is currently, to industrial in order for another limerock mine to be operated. The Examiner issued a report recommending adoption. If approved, this will be a HUGE mine operating for many years. It is estimated that hundreds of truck trips per day could be generated.

As recommended by the examiner, the proposed mine is 2000 feet from nearest residence. It is expected to begin mining operations in 2025 and operate for 30 years, after completion Rt 82 improvements. While there is no truck access from the mine to Corkscrew Road, there was no information in HEX report on expected Corkscrew Road traffic.

This proposed project presents significant environmental, hydrological, and transportation concerns to residents in the Corkscrew Road corridor.  Possible flooding downstream in Estero as a result of severe hydrological changes in the Density Reduction/Groundwater Resources area (DR/GR) where this mine is located could result.  In addition, there is a strong possibility that hundreds of additional heavy duty trucks will use Corkscrew Road to access Interstate 75. This will exacerbate an already overloaded Corkscrew Road congestion and safety problem.  Lee County’s own Land Development Code (Ch. 34) states “Mining operations, by their very nature, are INCOMPATIBLE with most other uses.” Mining brings with it blasting, noise, trucks, dust, and more.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has more information on the impact of mining to our environment at

The Examiner’s recommendation will either be accepted or rejected by our five commissioners sitting on the Lee County Board of County Commissioners during a later meeting.

What Works:
1) Cite details on how this mine would affect you adversely. Use detail. (Info on the DR/GR is available here). Just saying you “don’t want mines” is not going to get the results you want.

2) Customize the message. The message below is incomplete because simply pressing a button to “send” is not valued nearly as highly as a customized, personal message from you to the Commissioners.

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