Edison Farms’ 4000 Acres Should be Preserved In Perpetuity

The Situation

After 15 years of fighting to keep the 4,000 acre Edison Farms property, located across I-75 from the Brooks, free of development and the CR951 roadway, we have a real opportunity to see it acquired for permanent conservation.

Land Solutions, a local Commercial Realtor, is seeking offers on the property by 5 p.m. on March 13, 2017. In response to this call the Lee County Board has commissioned three appraisals to help it determine what it can offer using part of the $89 million they are holding in their Conservation 2020 Fund.

ECCL’s Stance

The entire property known as Edison Farms should be purchased for conservation. We need you to contact decision-makers as soon as possible to show support for purchasing the entire property of Edison Farms well before March 13, when bids on the property are due.

What You Can Do

Have your community officially adopt a resolution in support of acquiring Edison Farms as Conservation 20/20 land.

Use this resolution as a basis for adopting a similar resolution for your community.
Community Resolution Sample

Send a copy of this resolution to:
(click link below to spawn an email, or click here for a printable list)

and then send copies to

Why is this property important?

Preservation of over 3,500 acres of high quality wetlands is critical for our future water supply, prevention of flooding in communities along the Estero River and Halfway Creek, improving water quality before it travels these streams into Estero Bay, and important to wildlife, including the Florida panther and endangered wood storks. Edison Farms contains the headwaters for 3 major tributaries to the Estero Bay.

Two Page Fact Sheet from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida

 21 Slide Presentation from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Other Supporters Include:

  • The Village of Estero
  • The City of Bonita Springs
  • Our Civic and Environmental Coalition
    • Conservancy of Southwest Florida
    • Audubon of the Western Everglades
    • Florida Wildlife Federation
    • Brooks Concerned Citizens
  • Estero’s residential communities
  • Conservation 20/20 support groups

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