Protect Your Water Supply, Flooding Mitigation


What’s at Stake:
Changes to the Comprehensive Plan that make it easier for developers to build in wetlands.

What You Can Do:

Contact the County Commissioners


Before Wednesday, March 20 at 9:30 am



District 1: John Manning                                239-533-2224
District 2: Cecil Pendergrass                          239-533-2227
District 3: Larry Kiker, Chairman                 239-533-2223
District 4: Brian Hamman,Vice Chair          239-533-2226
District 5: Frank Mann                                    239-533-2225

You can use the talking points in the sample email below in your voicemail.

Attend the Meeting

If you would like to attend and speak to this item in person, the address is 2120, Main Street, downtown Fort Myers, FL 33901. The meeting will be held in the second floor Commission meeting Board room.


Edit the message in the form below and it will send to all the Commissioners.

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