Pepperland Ranch Will Impact Estero’s Traffic, Water Supply and Flooding

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On Wednesday, January 25 at 9:30 AM, the Lee County’s Board of Commissioners will vote for or against an amendment to the County’s Comprehensive Plan that would add the Pepperland Ranch development to an Overlay that would make it possible for this property to add about 700 more homes to the rapidly expanding development along Corkscrew Road.

We encourage you to express your opinion directly to the five Lee County Commissioners at their January 25 (9:30 AM) Board Meeting at the old Lee County Courthouse in downtown Ft Myers. It’s best to express your opinion in person.

Lee County Courthouse address: 2120 Main Street, Fort Myers. Park in the lot in adjacent block at the corner of Main St and Hendry St. Ask the receptionist in the Courthouse for a validation ticket for complimentary parking.

** County Commissioners’ email addresses: District 1-John Manning; District 2-Cecil Pendergrass; District 3-Larry Kiker: (this is Estero’s district); District 4-Brian Hamman; District 5-John Mann

All five email addresses (for cut and paste):;;;;

If approved the amendment will be sent to Tallahassee for state review. About 30 days later the County Board will vote once again to adopt the Comprehensive Plan change adjusted for the State’s suggestions. Then the developer can pursue the intensive residential zoning authority for developing the property. We need to call public attention to what the county is doing by being present and voicing our concerns at all of these meetings.

Pepperland, like the two recently approved residential developments along Corkscrew Road before it…Wild Blue and Corkscrew Farms, now called Corkscrew Place… create three regional problems affecting Estero:

  • Traffic congestion and public safety
  • Water supply, water quality and flooding
  • Wildlife mobility and protection

About a year ago the Board of Commissioners promised that it would complete a Corkscrew Road Traffic Study to inform the decisions they would be making regarding future developments in the DRGR. The County’s specification for the study includes components for moving water from the north side of Corkscrew to the south side in order to restore the historical floways and to plan for the needed wildlife underpasses.

Several months ago they hired AIM Engineering to conduct the study in two phases. On January 9th AIM asked County staff to extend the deadline for the first phase, to determine the Scope of the Study, by 45 days, to February 24th.

The ECCL and its environmental organization colleagues believe that the county should delay approval of any of the applications filed by the Pepperland developers until the AIM study has been completed.  

The citizens of Estero need to attend this meeting and tell the County Commissioners and their advisory bodies how the added Corkscrew Road traffic and downstream water flows threaten your traffic safety, property values and the future viability of the Estero River, Halfway Creek, Spring Creek and Estero Bay.

Talking points are available for review here and a map showing general locations of the proposed developments and mines east of Estero in the sensitive Density Reduction/Groundwater Resource (DR/GR) area, including Pepperland Ranch is given here.

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  • Posted March 15, 2017 Jack 11:12 pm

    The entire corkscrew area needs preserved. This area has one of Floridas last dense wooded areas. Now along 75 before miramar they are selling off amost 10k acres. The areas need preserved includes corkscrew swamp, bird rookery, and the crew flint. I didnt move here to be in Miami. Same ole spanish style HOA homes….cmon developers get better with your designs like celebration, fl. Make more wooded communities for conservation efforts.

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