Nominations for ECCL Committees

Nominate ECCL Program Chairperson or Member Candidates

Recently, Don Eslick, current interim Chairperson of the ECCL advised the Board of Director he was retiring from the chairperson position in the fall. Don appointed a Transition Committee charged with the task of reviewing the current organization structure, leadership positions, and reporting relationships.

The Transition Committee recommended changes, approved by the Board and established an Executive Management Team comprised of the President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Membership Officer, and Chief Communications officer.

organization chart

In addition, the current programs were reviewed, and the Board asked that the positions be offered to the membership. The positions are comprised of:

  • Transportation Committee
  • Health Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Environmental Committee
  • Arts & Entertainment Committee

The word Committee may be changed to Council. Interested members can nominate themselves or others for Chairperson and/or Member of multiple committees by using this form.

View the Position Summaries

Upon receipt, nominations will be reviewed by the Transition Committee and recommendations made to the Board.

Nominations will be open until June 21, 2019.

Thank you for your interest.
Transition Committee