Estero Initial Comprehensive Plan Presentation

When a new municipality is created in Florida as an interim measure it inherits the County’s Comprehensive Plan including the community’s community planning provisions. The law further requires that the Village, in our case, must adopt its own Comprehensive Plan within 3 years of its founding.

As a result the Village has contracted with LaRue Planning and Management to assist in this effort that must be completed by March 2017.

The development of the Comprehensive Plan is an opportunity each of us to have an influence on the Goals, Objectives and Policies that will guide the Village in all the areas where it can influence the future quality of life in Estero.

Throughout 2017 you will be invited to participate in numerous workshops and meetings that will decide the content of this important document.

Please review the following presentation that outlines in detail what the Comp Plan will contain and how it will be developed.


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