Education Outreach Council

Education Outreach Council of the ECCL

The Estero Education Initiative is seeking volunteers to work with Estero students at every level, with the goal of keeping the best and brightest in our area.

Call for Volunteers

Education Outreach Council Mission

To collaborate with the Village of Estero and Estero Area School leaders and professionals, to support students, teachers, and administrators in ways that enhance the quality of education and contribute to a better quality of life in Estero.

Education Outreach Council Vision

To assure quality educational organizations and programs contribute to an improved quality of community life resulting in a recognition that the Estero-Area is recognized as a destination where people want to live, worship, conduct business and educate their children.

Current Selected Needs

For years, Southwest Florida employers have indicated that finding quality talent has been a challenge. They’ve also lamented the “brain drain” -watching many talented Florida Gulf Coast University students move away to start their careers. The EOC will address these needs by partnering with Junior Achievement, FGCU, and Lee County Schools.

Selected Current Initiatives

Lee County Schools

The Village of Estero and Lee County Schools leadership signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to assuring that our students are well-prepared to enter the workforce, and to encourage the “best and brightest” to keep their talents in Southwest Florida.

Councilman Nick Batos, the Village of Estero’s liaison to Lee County Schools, collaborated with the Lee County School Board and the Principals of our Estero schools to evaluate how to best utilize ECCL volunteers to make the most of their talents and experiences for the benefit of our students. A variety of opportunities are now available including tutors, mentors, and many others. The opportunities are also flexible as to days and hours as well as functions.
You are now invited to join the many volunteers that give their time and talents to our Estero community. Our school volunteer program acts as a vehicle to provide additional educational resources to students, teachers, and other staff members. Each person involved with our school-level volunteer program performs an essential role.

We look forward to receiving your Education Ambassador application and sincerely appreciate your willingness to give back to our Estero Community. Please help us to spread the word by sharing this with your friends, neighbors and Estero community contacts.

To learn more about the Lee County Schools Program opportunities please contact: Kevin Tolliver,, 317-752-3486.

Volunteer Application

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JA) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to giving young school students the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, help plan their future, and make smart academic and economic choices. JA seeks volunteers to provide a relevant hands-on experience that gives K — 12 students basic knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.

To volunteer, or to learn more about the Junior Achievement Initiative please contact: co-leaders Jeremy Jasper or Jim Shields,

2nd Grade Pinewoods & 2nd Grade Three Oaks Elementary, please contact co-leaders Jeremy Jasper or co-leader Jim Shields

Florida Gulf Coast University – Institute for Entrepreneurship

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) has established an “Institute of Entrepreneurship (IFE)” that offers an Interdisciplinary Degree. The IFE’s purpose is to provide students from all disciplines and veterans the opportunity to create new products and services. IFE’s needs include securing business experienced mentors to guide and encourage the students and veterans.

To volunteer, or to learn more about the FGCU Institute for Entrepreneurship Initiative please contact: co-leaders Jim Shields or Kenny James 239-438-2415