You can make a difference by taking action on the important issues in our community!

The ECCL takes pride in our community and we are dedicated to making the future of Estero bright and prosperous. Our grass-roots, volunteer organization has made a difference throughout Estero on a variety of issues affecting our community. We aim to improve the quality of life in Estero now and for future generations by educating and mobilizing. You can join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on our efforts in Estero or become a member to attend monthly meetings!

Troyer Brothers Mine – Another Mine!? Be Heard

What’s at Stake: Yet another new mine in Eastern Lee County which would add more trucks to Corkscrew Road, as well as jeopardize water quality, flooding controls, wildlife habitat and other environmental damage. Who Decides: The Lee County Zoning Examiner has reviewed the proposal and recommended it to the County Commissioners, who approve or disapprove […]

Mining Update: Protect Your Water Supply, Flooding Mitigation

What’s at Stake: Changes to the Comprehensive Plan that make it easier for developers to build in wetlands. Approvals of new mines in Lee County. What You Can Do: Contact the County Commissioners When: NOW Current Status:  Comprehensive Plan – the Commission approved the changes to the Comprehensive Plan and forwarded it to the State. […]

Wetlands at Risk: Contact the BOCC

The Lee County Board of Commissioners will be voting on Wednesday to advance a comprehensive plan amendment that will incentivize and encourage the loss of wetlands and wetland functions in Lee County. We are asking that you attend the meeting and speak before the board, which is the most impactful action you can take. Board […]